Space Coast Photography

Boudoir, Portrait, Design and Landscape Photography

Hi! I'm Jennifer Glass.

I am a photographer and cinematographer originally from Saratoga Springs, NY.

My love of memories is perhaps the catalyst that lead me to dive into video production and then portrait, landscape, interior design and editorial photography. While I could take photos of landscapes and animals and be quite happy, it is the interaction with people and sharing in the special moments I photograph that brings me the most joy!

I spent many years as a professional singer being photographed. I understand what it feels like to be in front of the camera and learned a great deal about posing, lighting, backgrounds, expressions and so much more before I ever stepped behind the camera. Over the years, my love of capturing images for others has only continued to grow. I'm down to earth, and love to have plenty fun while taking your photos. I want you to be yourself and know that my goal is to deliver photos you will cherish for a lifetime!

My Style

I love to shoot with natural light whenever possible. As a portrait photographer, my goal is to capture the most flattering images possible and in my years of experience, soft natural light is better than using strobes or flash. Even when I shoot indoors, I use lots of window light to get the best shots.

It's important to me to get to know my clients before their shoot, whether that's by email or over the phone and learning their personality so that I can make sure they are at ease on the day of their shoot. The best part of my job is having fun during a shoot and making people laugh and relax. It's often those natural laughing shots that end up being their favorites....mine too!

When it comes to editing specifics such as tones, contrast, saturation etc., I encourage my clients to let me know if they have a certain look or feel that they like before I start to edit their photos. It's easiest to share some photos found online to convey the color scheme or "filter" look. I have my style of editing your photos but I don't force my style on people who would like something a little different.