You are a Masterpiece

From the way your smile hints to your playful side, to the fire in your eyes that reveals the passions in your heart, you are a one of a kind beauty. No matter where you are in your life, your relationship status, your age, the number on the scale, through this experience we give the middle finger to those unrealistic expectations of beauty thrown in our faces on a daily basis. I believe this experience is about unveiling your own kind of beautiful and honoring the body you are in. It’s about celebrating you, the masterpiece, and I want you to open your album or walk past that wall art hanging on the wall years from now with love and appreciation of the art that you are.

Time to celebrate with the #FeatherShot

The "Feather Shot"

There's a special moment I love to capture at the end of every boudior session. It's the "feather shot".  This is the time to celebrate you!  For many women, doing a boudior shoot is almost like jumping out of an airplane! It's something they never thought they could do, but they summoned the courage to go for it. There's an exhilarating rush that happens when you finally step into the studio. You've been preparing for this day for a while now...maybe you've been thinking about doing this for years. There's an amazing transformation I see looking through the lens. I know you're nervous so after the first few shots, I'll show you a photo on the back of my camera. It's the same reaction every time. "I can't believe that's me!!" For many women, it's the first time they've ever seen themselves in a photo like this. They are so excited to see that they look amazing! Of course you do darling!! As the session progresses I see the confidence growing and the adventurous energy comes out as they relax and truly have fun with this unique experience. I came up with this idea to give women a special moment to capture the celebration of believing in themselves and loving the beautiful body they have. The feather shot is so special in many ways, and definitely worth putting into your album to cherish forever! And get to make a total mess and you don't have to clean it up!! lol